9 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

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While most kitchens complement the overall style of the home, many options exist to create a kitchen with its own special flair. Kitchen cabinets are a major design element of any kitchen and understandably get a lot of the attention during a renovation. Your kitchen designer can help you sort through the style options to find the perfect fit, but here is a brief overview of popular cabinet styles to get your imagination going.

1. Traditional

Raised-panel doors, inset recessed doors or bead-board are among the details that distinguish traditional cabinets from other styles. They are available in a range of colors including whites and creams, reds and tans, as well as a variety of wood hues.

2. Shaker

Shaker cabinets are known for their clean, functional design. Flat-paneled doors with rail frames, and natural wood finishes or neutral colors such as white and gray are hallmarks of Shaker style. This type of cabinet is quite popular because its classic, casual look works well with many kitchen styles.

3. Rustic

The term “rustic” has come to embody a variety of styles, but essentially it means “natural.” Roughness, slight imperfection and a general simplicity give rustic style the casual character that fits equally well in a mountain cabin, a country house or a suburban kitchen. Rustic cabinets emphasize the feel of wood with a matte finish or left rugged — with no finish at all. Hardware of rubbed-brass or wrought iron adds to the charm of rustic cabinetry.

4. Contemporary

Clean lines with few if any embellishments define contemporary cabinets. This style works especially well in small kitchens, in part because the lack of extraneous details such as molding allows for more vertical storage space. Metal, concrete, plastic, glass and manufactured wood are typical materials used to create the simple design of contemporary kitchen cabinets.

5. Slab

The modern look of slab cabinets, also called flat-panel cabinets, fits well in a contemporary kitchen. Simplicity, low maintenance design and a lower price point add to the appeal of these cabinets.

6. Country

Country cabinets are typically made of wood. They often have painted doors in pale or light colors, and may have a distressed finish. They have design features similar to traditional cabinets, including raised-panel or beadboard doors, and may also have glass, wire or tin accents.

7. Craftsman

Craftsman refers to an architectural style that came out of the Arts & Crafts movement around the turn of the last century. Specific characteristics include straight lines, minimal ornamentation and quality construction. These cabinets are made from unpainted quarter-sawn oak, hickory, cherry or maple.

8. Glass Front

Glass-front cabinets are perfect for showcasing glassware, bowls, vases or even cookbooks. Or the glass itself can be part of the design. Panels can be etched or frosted, seeded (with bubbles that occur in the manufacturing process), leaded or stained glass. Lights can be added for ambience or to showoff the contents. Glass-front cabinets work best as upper cabinets and are typically used in conjunction with solid cabinet doors.

9. Open Shelving

Open shelving is a practical way to add storage and keep often-used items within easy reach, such as near the sink or above the cooking area. They are also a nice way to display decorative items or matching dishware.

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